Star Asset Management Group


How can you fully understand your business without knowing the current
“Marketwise” Ô Valuation of its Machinery & Equipment ?


We have conducted appraisals and performed consulting for:

Ø      The leading commercial lenders in the U.S.
(GE Credit, CIT, US Bancorp, ATT Capital, Newcourt Financial) 

Ø      Fortune 500 Companies
(Hamilton/Sunstrand, Sikorsky, Alliant Techsystems, Bell Labs)

Ø      Dozens of Medium Sized and Smaller Companies Like Yours.


Whether you need to: 

ü            Re-finance to lower your monthly capital outlay.

ü            Establish Values for Insurance

ü            Establish Values for a Buyout

ü            Establish Values for a Divorce

ü            Obtain Expert Testimony for a Legal Matter

Trust STAR AMG  to execute a professional appraisal that meets your specific needs.


What is a “Marketwise”™ Appraisal?

Unlike most valuation services, we own machinery and have bought and sold thousands of machines. We research the current market value through complex data bases and utilize formulas that go far beyond the simple depreciation tables used by ”appraisers” lacking hands-on expertise.

STAR AMG will help you uncover the true value of your assets in today’s marketplace.

Please call our New York office at (212) 799-2943 today to discuss how valuation work, whether an Appraisal, Consulting, or Expert Testimony can assist you and add value to your business.

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